AS MAAG Grupp is an Estonian capital based company which started its activities in 1996 and by today has developed into a group of companies active in production and sale of food products.

Benchmark events:

  • 1996 Establishment of AS Maag Grupp (sale of food products)
  • 1999 Acquisition of 40% of the shares of Rannarootsi Lihatööstus AS
  • 1999 Starting up the production of cottage cheese in Türi
  • 2001 Acquirement of Maag Konservitööstus AS
  • 2002 Acquirement of dairy farm Nigula Piim OÜ
  • 2003 Acquirement of the property of Jõhvi Piim AS and establishment of Maag Piimatööstus AS
  • 2003 Launching of brands Rannarootsi (Rannarootsi Lihatööstus AS) and Rannamõisa (Maag Grupp AS, poultry)
  • 2004 Acquisition of 100% of the shares of Rannarootsi Lihatööstus AS
  • 2004 Establishing of the Polish subsidiary Avalon Foods (trading of food products)
  • 2007 Acquisition of Rakvere Piim (milk processing industry) and Farmi brand
  • 2008 Completion of the legal merger of Rakvere Piim AS and Maag Piimatööstus AS  (current business name AS Farmi Piimatööstus)
  • 2011 Establishment of subsidiaries Maag Food OÜ and Gelid Food OÜ (trading of food products outside Estonia)
  • 2012 Completion of moving the operations of Maag Piimatööstus AS fully to Jõhvi
  • 2013 Acquisition of 28,63% of the shares of Nõo Lihatööstus AS by Rannarootsi Lihatööstus AS
  • 2013 Acquisition of meat processing industry Pouttu OY in Finland by Rannarootsi Lihatööstus AS
  • 2017    AS Farmi Piimatööstus acquired TERE AS (dairy producer) and with it dairy processing plants in Viljandi and Põlva.